Before you start…we require a vet check to determine if ALL pets in your home are current on vaccinations and heartworm preventatives and are altered…AND we require a fenced yard (some of the SPIN Pyrs will require a fence taller than 4 ft!)

1)      Determine if a Pyr is the right dog for you. Please read this article first. It is NOT the right breed for everyone. 

2)      Fill out the application online .

3)      Notify your vet that SPIN will be calling for a vet check.

4)      After the vet check SPIN will contact you for a home visit.

5)      Pick out the dog for YOU!

6)      IF you have special circumstances that SPIN should consider when evaluating your application please contact us .

Please read the following before filling out an application to adopt.

You must have the following before applying for a dog ...  

  • All pets in your home are current on vaccinations / altered
  • Fenced yard*
  • Proof that current dogs have been on Heartworm Preventative for the past 6 months.

* Some of the Pyrs require a fence taller than 4 foot

If you DO have all the items listed above, then you can go ahead and send in your application!