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Is a Pyr for you?

They bark, they shed, they are independent thinkers, stubborn.... essentially not a lab or golden who actually care what you think.But they are loyal, affectionate and great family dogs! But Pyrs are not for the faint of heart!

To learn more read this helpful article from a rescue in Chicago and then this article from a dog blogger! 

Do they roam? a.k.a. Do I really need a fence?

Yes, you really need a fence. Pyrs will roam if not in a fenced yard. Pyrs were made to protect flocks and roam with them. If you don't have a fence, a Pyr will be more inclined to go exploring rather than to listen to you yelling for them to come back. A physical fence is a MUST, invisible fences do not mix well with Pyrs too.

Do they eat a lot?

Puppies require more food than adults because they need more nutrients to grow big and strong! The average adult Pyr should eat about 2 cups of kibble a day.

Are Pyrs good family dogs?

Yes! Pyrs are naturally gentle and great with children.  

Do they dig?

Yes! Pyrs love to get dirty! But there are creative solutions out there to let your Pyr curb the urge to dig! 

Should I shave my Pyr?

No! Check out this article over on our blog! 

What is a Pocket Pyr?

DNA and genetics are popular topics these days. Sometimes a petite Mom and Dad have a child who turns out to be well over 6 feet tall. Sometimes the opposite happens; a tall couple produces a petite child. Sometimes in a large litter of dogs there is a “runt” who is much smaller than its brothers and sisters.

For more info read our blog

How can I keep my Pyr from jumping the fence?

Pyrs are known for being escape artists! Here are some tips on how to help keep your furry friend in the yard! 

Fence Jumping Solutions - by Paw Rescue

Here is a creative solution an adopter created for their backyard made with indoor shelf brackets and fence pickets.  They painted the brackets and stained the pickets. 

Watch this fun video for some interesting facts on Pyrs!