Shelters in North Texas and surrounding areas, stay at near or over-capacity most of the time. You can help change that! Fostering is a wonderful way to give hands-on help to a homeless dog. SPIN Rescue provides food, medication, vet care and supplies. You provide a loving heart, a safe home, and some of your time. You can choose a puppy, young adult, or even a senior as your new foster friend..

Most of our foster dogs are adopted quickly. SPIN makes it easy by qualifying potential adopters. SPIN asks our fosters to chat with potential adopters to answer questions they have, and possibly meet with an adopter to see if your foster pyr is a match for their family. If, for some reason, the foster dog you select is not a good match for your home, SPIN is there to help rearrange fosters. We at SPIN know fostering is a labor of love, but we make it as easy as we can.

Fostering is a total win all the way around:

  • The dog wins by having a secure and loving place to recover from being a stray or in an abuse situation.

  • The animal control unit wins by having more space for other dogs.

  • The eventual adopter wins by getting a dog whose characteristics and personality are already known.

  • The foster home wins by helping transform a sad dog into a happy and beautiful dog, ready to go to their perfect home.

  • The foster home wins by knowing they are making an important contribution to the community.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a SPIN foster! You’ll find the foster application on our applications page, or click the link below.