Ever wish you had a big white fluffy Great Pyrenees? Wonder what it’s like to care for a gentle giant? Not sure a big dog is for you? Love dogs but think your lifestyle prevents you from owning one? This is your chance to help one of these amazing dogs on a temporary basis. SPIN needs foster homes to house Great Pyrs rescued from local shelters. Right now we are having to turn away dogs because we are short on foster spaces. Fostering is a wonderful way to give hands-on help to a homeless dog. SPIN Rescue provides food, medication, vet care and supplies. You just need to provide a loving heart and a little of your time. You can choose puppies, young dogs, or even senior dogs with which to share your home. Most of our foster dogs are adopted very quickly. SPIN makes it easy by locating and investigating potential adopters. All you are asked to do is chat with a potential adopter to answer any questions they have, and make the dog available to meet an adopter. If for some reason the foster dog you select is not a good match for you, SPIN is there to help rearrange fosters. Fostering is a labor of unconditional love, but we at SPIN make it as easy as we can.

Fostering is a total win all the way around:

  • The dog wins by having a secure and loving place to recover from being a stray or in an abuse situation.

  • The animal control unit wins by having more space for other dogs.

  • The eventual adopter wins by getting a dog whose characteristics and personality are already known. (A dog that growls or bites is never left in a foster home.)

  • The foster home wins by watching a sad dog become happy and beautiful, and go to the perfect home.

  • AND the foster home also wins by knowing they are making an important contribution to the community.

  • All SPIN foster home family members are covered by accident insurance for any injuries sustained in connection with any work done for SPIN.

In special cases, a home might be approved for a “Foster-To-Adopt” contract, with which you can foster a puppy before it is old enough to spay or neuter, and then formally adopt when spay or neuter is complete. You can ask about the requirements to do this if you are prepared for the joys and frustrations of a really young puppy.

PLEASE consider fostering and find the foster applications on the Applications page.