What is a Pocket Pyr?

DNA and genetics are popular topics these days. Sometimes a petite Mom and Dad have a child who turns out to be well over 6 feet tall. Sometimes the opposite happens; a tall couple produces a petite child. Sometimes in a large litter of dogs there is a “runt” who is much smaller than its brothers and sisters.

Whatever the cause, occasionally we rescue a Great Pyrenees that may have another breed mixed in and is much smaller than usual. We call these dogs “Pocket Pyrs” and they make wonderful pets, especially for people who love the gorgeous fluffy white coat and the amazing personality of a Pyr, but are not sure they can handle a dog that is over 100 pounds!

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a Great Pyrenees but like the idea of a bit smaller dog, check out our Pocket Pyrs available for adoption.

Available Pocket Pyrs: Star, Charity,  Mary Lou, Priscilla, Dora