Happy Tails - Dolly


SPIN alum Dolly posed with her happy adopter, Holly, at the Pet Expo at Market Hall on May 20. Holly is a dedicated adopter, spending lots of time in training with her new pal Dolly. They met at our PetSmart Meet and Greet, and it was love at first sight. Dolly was an owner surrender and a bit confused by her new living arrangements. However, Holly has worked diligently to create a good partnership with her new Pyr. She takes Dolly on walks and to outings where she can become socialized with new people and dogs. At the Pet Expo,  Dolly got to meet some bigger dogs and even touched noses with a ferret! Kudos to Holly for her dedication to her new canine pal. We also noticed Holly was looking happier and trimmer! She reports reaching her weight loss goal and enjoying all kinds of fun activities with Dolly! Success stories like Holly and Dolly's keep our volunteers going!

Latest Update: Dolly passed her therapy dog exam! She will be visiting senior citizen centers across the DFW area!